I’m a PhD student under the supervision of Prof. Reuven Cohen and Dr. Liran Katzir. My research focuses on solving big data problems using efficient streaming algorithms, and using them for applications in computer networks.

Detecting anomalies, attacks and faults in computer networks, as well as determining network traffic properties, require accurate online monitoring. However, as high bandwidth links are leading to increased traffic volumes, it is becoming extremely difficult to collect and analyze the entire flow records in an online manner. In order not to store all the monitored data, streaming algorithms can be used. These algorithms are usually limited to making only one pass on the monitored data, and therefore do not require this data to be stored. In my research I develop streaming algorithms for the estimation of stream statistics, I analyze their efficiency and statistical performance, and use these algorithms in order to develop new applications for various networking tasks.

I received my undergraduate degree in applied math from Bar-Ilan university, during high school.

If you want to know more about my research, start with this Wikipedia-page, and see my presentation, summarizing previous and current works. Here is my CV.

Want to hear more or chat? contact me at  avivy@cs.technion.ac.il or +972.547.530.591.